What convinced Isi completely from the BAGSOLATE? Cork!

Isi actually hasn't been on the path to more sustainability for very long, but since she set this goal, she's been putting a lot of effort into it. Every week she wants to learn a new concept and try to integrate it somehow into her everyday life. She feels that a step-by-step approach is better than not trying at all, and besides, throwing everything over at once is also kind of utopian.

Last week, she found out about cork. Sure, the material looks super cool, but it's actually also one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. A full 100% of the bark of the cork oak tree, which is harvested every 9 years from the age of 25, can be made into compressed cork or other cork products. In addition, it is very easy to make a new cork product from an old one, so cork is also 100% recyclable. Last but not least, cork forests bind more than 14 million tons of CO2 and by harvesting the bark, space is created for renewed CO2 binding. That's how Isa came up with BAGSOLATE, because she thinks it's great that one of its most important components is cork.

Hiking steeply uphill for 5 hours? A relaxed Sunday for Alex.

Alex is a huge fan of all outdoor activities, be it climbing, hiking, camping, he is up for anything. How could it be any different when you have the Alps right on your doorstep? A perfect Sunday? Have breakfast in the morning, then prepare a packed lunch and hot tea and be on the summit by 1:30pm at the latest. Then eat it all and it's back down again.

But when he gets back to the valley, he has to go straight on to his work as a private climbing coach. For that he needs his complete climbing equipment and of course even more food and drinks. But another backpack for everything? That would be somehow much too much, and is especially not necessary with our spacious BAGSOLATE.

Lisa’s favorite activity? Picnics with her best friends in the English Garden.

Lisa is a total summer person and just enjoys spending time in the fresh air and of course she loves to do that with her best friends. One of her favorite things to do are picnics in the English Garden. She packs her carefully prepared snacks, drinks, camera and picnic blanket in her backpack, meets up with the girls in the city and off she goes.

It's still a short walk to the English Garden and everyone is engrossed in an exhilarated conversation. When they arrive, the blanket is spread out, Lisa unpacks her cool snacks and drinks, and an afternoon to Lisa's liking begins - chatting, taking photos, listening to music, eating, and just being in the moment, memories you won't forget, right?

Mark saves the first date with hot chocolate.

You've got to be kidding me, I finally got a date that wasn't through Tinder. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know what I mean. But now the supergau: the temperatures my from yesterday to today from 15 ° C to 2 ° C to drop. I had planned a super romantic walk along the Rhine and wanted everything to be perfect, but no, now it's freezing and she's freezing.

But wait! I had but this morning for the university hot Schoki packed in my backpack, which should still be warm and I can give her!!! Oh, she likes the idea and she was really happy. Oh my gosh, especially now she has her arm hooked with me. Wow, this day could not have been better. Luckily it's freezing cold and luckily my hot chocolate is actually still hot.

Thomas is a globetrotter through and through.

Whether Serengeti, Bali, Canada, Sydney, Norway, Thomas is passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures, landscapes and ways of life. He is a huge fan of the Interrail ticket, thinks hitchhiking is the coolest thing ever and for many things you just have your own legs. He packs his 20 liter BAGSOLATE with all his important documents, his camera and his laptop and hits the road.

All the memories he has collected on his previous trips are simply ones he will never forget. They accompany him in everyday life and every time he sees objects, concepts or images that awaken these memories, he feels as if he is back in the middle of an adventure. And already the next trip is being planned.

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