Our Earth.
Our Responsibility.

We all live in a world that needs to be protected. That is why our vision is to create a product that does not place an additional burden on the environment. At BAGSOLATE, we work towards this goal every day.

When the four founders started BAGSOLATE in 2018 it was very clear to them, what the world needs are sustainable alternatives – without having to sacrifice style and function.

We are aware that we haven´t reached the end of the journey yet. In order to reach this goal and to be able to report on it transparently, we have created the Sustainability department. Here, the competencies regarding sustainability from all departments are bundled and the progress of the entire company is tracked. In this way, we want to ensure not only the ecological sustainability of our value chain, but also the economic and social sustainability of our actions. We invite you: check out our social media channels and become part of the BAGSOLATE Journey for a more uncompromising world.


Whether it's cold drinks in the summer, a hot meal at lunchtime, or carrying groceries from the cooler, the BAGSOLATE can do it all. Thanks to its innovative insulating foil, this backpack keeps your contents cold or warm for up to 8 hours, depending on your needs. You achieve an optimal cooling of your drinks or food with an additional cooling battery. Unfortunately, there are currently no 100% sustainable options of such an insulation, which meets our requirements for the longevity of the BAGSOLATE. However, we are in constant exchange with our partners who are working on a 100% ecological insulation. This does not mean that the BAGSOLATE has to be an additional burden on our environment at the end of its life. In fact, the insulation can be 100% recycled. This means that if your BAGSOLATE is no longer repairable, you can dispose of the insulation yourself in the yellow garbage can or you can send us your BAGSOLATE and we will dispose it properly.

Clean-Up Plastic.

Our oceans are full of plastic. And every day there is more. Time for us to do something about it. That's why we use 100% recycled polyester from the SEAQUAL initiative for our polyester fabrics. Our partners use only plastic fished from the sea and plastic collected on land, so-called post-consumer recycled materials (PCR).

Cork from Europe.

Bottle corks, cork floors and now as backpacks? In our case, we can call cork a lucky find, because the raw material isn´t only timeless and functional but is also one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. The water-repellent properties of cork are well known and we have used this water resistance to the advantage of the BAGSOLATE. Because the cork protects the contents of your BAGSOLATE - without any environmentally harmful treatment - from water and other liquids. But also our environment benefits from the cork of your BAGSOLATEs, because cork oaks that are harvested regularly, every 9 - 11 years, store up to 3 times more CO2. During harvesting, the bark is peeled from the trunk by hand so as not to injure the tree, allowing the oaks to live up to 200 years. The bark is further processed into cork. This creates a natural product that can later also be 100% recycled. In addition, the huge cork forests in Portugal, the world's largest cork producer, represent one of the most important ecosystems in the world and provide a safe habitat for many endangered plant and animal species, such as the Iberian lynx.

Cotton belts made in Germany.

For a perfect wearing and as a visual eye-catcher we have chosen white cotton straps. As a natural raw material, cotton fits perfectly into BAGSOLATE's philosophy: 100% sustainability combined with style and function. That's why we also chose an untreated strap, to save chemicals where they are not necessary. Because the contents of your BAGSOLATE are guaranteed to stay dry. If your strap gets dirty, you can simply wash it carefully by hand.

Leather from Baden-Württemberg.

To protect the BAGSOLATE from contamination, dirt and abrasion, we have finished the bottom with genuine leather. It is our concern that no animal is slaughtered because of our actions. That's why we source our leather from a tannery in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, that only processes hides from cattle slaughtered for meat production. The environmentally friendly mineral tanning process is carried out exclusively in compliance with current environmental and occupational health and safety regulations.


Made in Europe. A principle that we at BAGSOLATE have followed from the very first series. In order to keep transport emissions low and to remain flexible in the design of our supply chain, we have chosen to manufacture our products in Europe. Your BAGSOLATEs are manufactured in a family-run factory near Gdansk on the Polish Baltic coast. To ensure the highest quality of our products, our seamstresses and sewers work mostly by hand on your BAGSOLATEs. We involve our seamstresses and sewers already in the development stage to constantly improve the longevity in terms of sustainability. It should be self-evident that all seamstresses receive a fair and equitable pay. But that does not make it any less important for us.

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