A day as an intern at BAGSOLATE

Hey, my name is Anna. I’m currently working as an intern in the marketing department of BAGSOLATE. My internship shows me every day how multifaceted marketing can be. Marketing is so much more than just “promoting a product”. My tasks are very manifold. They range from the visual design of a new Instagram post to the analysis of BAGSOLATE’s target group to extensive research. An important part of my work are the many team meetings, where often an hour just flies by while brainstorming over ideas – one more unusual than the other.

The start of the working day

Every Friday, on time at 8:00 a.m., the general Jour-Fix starts. Here, the results of the week are presented by each department. Since we all work from home office, it is always nice to see the faces of our colleagues. It’s not uncommon to see new faces, which is to be expected with the rapid growth of BAGSOLATE.

Often, one department presents its results and asks for the opinion of the others. This is common practice at BAGSOLATE, since we work across departments. So it’s not uncommon for sales and marketing to be involved in a project together. I really like this concept because it gives us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues better. In addition, the tasks remain exciting and multifaceted. Furthermore, this way of working offers the opportunity to constantly expand one’s own knowledge.

Flexible work

After the Jour Fix, my actual workday begins. But first I make myself a coffee and have breakfast. That’s no problem at all at BAGSOLATE, because we are allowed to arrange our own working hours. That’s great for me. I’m completely free to organize my day, so I’m not bound to fixed working hours. The prerequisite, of course, is that the tasks are completed and deadlines are met. Another plus of the home office and flexible hours is that work can be done anywhere. For this reason, it is not uncommon for colleagues from Thailand, Greece, Italy and other corners of the world to join the Jour-Fix.

A friendly working atmosphere is also very important. The respectful “you” is a matter of course.

Let’s get to work!

After my breakfast, I’m ready for the workday. The BAGSOLATE team has a common Trello board where we can see our tasks and those of our colleagues. After that, I start to work off my to-do ́s. I enjoy the tasks that are related to visual design the most, like designing a story for Instagram or a Power Point. There are no limits to creativity, so you can let off steam as you please. The more creative and fancier, the better!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

At BAGSOLATE teamwork is very important!

From time to time, creativity and ideas can wane. It can also happen that you are a bit stuck in your project and need a different perspective on the task. This is normal and not a problem at all. For this reason, every department at BAGSOLATE has its own team chat, where colleagues can help and provide feedback at any time. This exchange gives inspiration and leads to new ideas. This is how the best results are achieved!

The end of the day is just around the corner

Shortly before end of work, I send my results to the group so that my team can familiarize themselves with them. Suggestions for improvement and feedback are always welcome.

And off ́s the end of the day for me!

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